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October 5, 2014 at 9:29pm
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Reading, and not reading, in the dark.

Reading, and not reading, in the dark.

September 30, 2014 at 4:26pm
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Image Map, art journal form.

From my thesis blog. The images that have crafted my life so far. 

September 20, 2014 at 5:32pm
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One time a man I was seeing & I were talking about my body & he made a comment about how he wasn’t attracted to women w/ six packs. 

Like DUDE.

No one cares. Literally no one cares what you are not attracted to.

You’re not attracted to muscular women? No one cares.

You’re not attracted to fat women? No ones cares.

You’re not attracted to tattooed women? No one cares. Etc. Etc. Etc infinity.

We all have physical “preferences,” but our preferences are wholly informed by racism and patriarchy. And media, and porn.

And every fucking day you should examine and reckon with your BS “preferences.” AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, keep them to yourself.

Cuz it made that part of my brain that is fucked up go “I shouldn’t work out too much or gain any weight.” And to that I say FUCK U.

And, for the sake of all things holy, DO NOT make comments abt how my curves are your fav type of curves. Cuz in that moment you are putting my body in competition with other bodies and I do not fucking play that game.

Anyway, men are trash and I am gonna go drink some gin.

Last night I went on an excellent tweet rant

September 14, 2014 at 8:43pm
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Last month I had to finish a roll on a disposable camera right before dropping the film off. I was sick and slightly delirious and sweating from from a fever. This is my neighborhood. 

September 9, 2014 at 12:21pm
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Had to write about “what I want to do as designer” for class. 

Kara Haupt, the designer, is interested in and compelled by systems of delivering information and thought.

I’m fascinated by publication — it’s a partial love affair with the technical enjoyment of layout and, more importantly, because words and images together is kinda the best thing in the world. I also like the idea of making work that adds to itself after time, it’s exciting to have something evolve and get better. It’s kinda final, but kinda not.

I don’t want for publication to (only) mean traditional print. For me, actually, I find that really fucking boring. What I do find compelling about print publication is that it’s experiential — the act of holding something, moving its pages etc, and I’m fascinated by how that translates (or doesn’t, when designed badly) to a digital experience. I love digital, because it’s intimate. I like how it’s a somewhat private experience of interacting with a device on one’s own, but then it (can) move(s) to sharing through social media or a link or whatever. So, what I’m saying, is that publication is both the content — the writing + the aesthetic (image) devices — and also the system by which it’s delivered.

Stuff I think about: How can we make that system better? Is efficiency the goal? How do we receive information? How does design add or take away from that experience?

I don’t care about clients and don’t enjoy that process whatsoever. That doesn’t mean I don’t care about people or audience. I care about audience a lot. Though, I often resist “audience” because I find the attitude toward demographics and their cultural assumptions to be limiting, and disrespectful. I mean, if you’re doing audience right, you’re investigating why they act the way they do. Like, for example, sure “women want to be pretty,” but there is a whole host of reasons why that ideology is formed (hi patriarchy). Once we get that, we can make better-informed work, or hell, we can change the status quo or craft the dialogue about how these ideologies function in the world. Design can change shit sometimes, how rad right?

I want to respect my audience, to trust them to be smarter than I assume and to be smarter than me.  Along with this idea, I believe in (and try to) design ethically. To not speak for others, but to use my place, my privilege, my “talent”, to either amplify or help facilitate that voice. And to use marketing or design devices without causing undue harm. And again, to respect people.

So, yeah. That’s what I want to do as a designer.